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Strategic Project Consulting Services

    • Environmental Approvals
      1. US EPA and Canadian Provincial Environmental Approvals (Air + Noise + Water)
      2. Applications, Permits and MOE-EASR Registrations
    • Utility Regulatory Approvals
      1. LDC (Electricity Power Supplier) Approvals
      2. LDC (Natural Gas Supplier) Approvals
    • Grants and Incentives
      1. Applications for Funding
      2. Approvals for Funding
      3. Securing Grants & Permits
    • Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) Approvals
    • Self-Financing Energy Saving Solutions, and Application of Tax Credits & Incentives (Industrial and Private Sector). For Example:
      1. Both in USA and Canada the Energy Saving Project Capital Investment can be depreciated at an accelerated rate ‒ in order to provide a larger positive cash flow, and a faster Return On Investment (“ROI”).
      2. In USA, new Tax laws also permit the expensing of the 1st $1 Million USD invested into new Heating Ventialtion and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Retrofit Projects ‒ which also improves ROI.