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Securing Grants & Permits

Econolibrium is the only engineering firm that can help your organization significantly reduce its electrical and energy operating costs while reducing GHG emissions. Typical Econolibrium CHP / Cogeneration designs have been proven to provide a self-generated KWh Cost of less than $0.04/KWh, and an additional 20% to 50% Natural Gas energy savings from up to 90% recovery of heat losses on existing exhaust streams.

Ontario save-ON-energy PSUI – Process & Systems Upgrade Incentive

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) saveONenergy PSUI Cogeneration program can provide an organization up to 40% in capital incentives (grants) towards the implementation of an IESO approved “Behind the Meter” CHP / cogeneration system.

Approved IESO PSUI Cogeneration projects allows an organization to generate electricity that is used on site within their facility. The electricity cannot be sold or exported back to the grid (thus termed: Behind the Meter).

Combined Heat and Power (CHP), or Cogeneration, describes the process of using energy to simultaneously produce electricity and useful heat. All thermal power plants produce waste heat during the production of electricity; cogeneration makes use of this wasted heat.

Econolibrium IESO Grant Icentive 100% Success