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Our Company

Over 34 Years Track Record of Success – As a specialized Canadian Energy Saving Solutions,Environmental, and Engineering & EPC Consulting firm. Provider of unique and proprietary cost effective solutions for: energy saving + energy conservation + renewable energy + environmental compliance – for health care facilities, institutional (colleges & universities, governmental…etc..) facilities, large commercial buildings, and industrial process & manufacturing facilities. Delivers superior & optimum
energy savings, energy from waste, heat recovery, cogeneration, renewable energy, and environmental solutions – with excellent payback!

Engineers+procures+constructs (“EPC”), fabricates, supplies, and licenses proven & proprietary CHRFLUETM waste condensing heat recovery (“CHR”) and air pollution control technology solutions forcentral heating plants and industrial process smoke stacks replacement. Flue gases applications include: fossil fuel (NG & Oil) fired Boilers, Cogenerators, HVAC, and Industrial process systems ; which recoverup to 90% of waste heat, achieve from 15% to 50% savings on fossil fuel costs, and which achieve
Excellent Paybacks from 2.0 to 5.0 years (or ROIs from 24% to 60% p.a.).

Engineers+procures+constructs (“EPC”), implements, and licenses proven & proprietary up to 98% energy efficient NG & Oil fired Combined CHR-FLUETM + CHP-Cogen “Utility Grid-Parallel Connected” Cogeneration + Boilers solutions (from 0.6 MWe to 10 MWe); which saves over 70% of power costs andsaves over 20% on boilers plant fossil fuel costs, with Excellent Paybacks.

Proprietary Engineering & Energy Efficiency & Energy Savings Analysis Software – for design andmodelling both for CHR-FLUE™ FG Condensing Heat Recovery (“CHR”) Solutions, and for Combined CHRFLUE™+ Cogeneration + Boilers + HVAC Energy Savings Solutions.

Engineering and Project Management Services: Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Roofing, BuildingAutomation Systems (“BAS”), Utility, Energy, Environmental, Chemical, and Industrial Process.Specialized expertise in preparing energy saving solutions and environmental solutions project engineering feasibility studies, proposals, and successful government grant program applications.

Performance Guarantees and Energy Savings Guarantees available on a project by project basis.

Financing Options available for energy saving solutions projects.