Preliminary Engineering Studies (PES)

Econolibrium has a very unique model for the delivery of a viable PES for your facility. Firstly, we are willing to share the risk and invest our professional service fees to complete a PES on your behalf. This feasibility study will lay the foundation for a solid business case for the implementation of the proposed custom engineered solution. Other engineering firms charge a premium for this service. Secondly, this will highlight all of the financial metrics required to make an informed decision regarding going forward with such a solution including; the projected annual power savings totals, total operating costs, annual net dollar savings, capital costs for the solution, amount of Grants available (rebate), net payback of the project in years and the Rate of Return on Investment (ROI) across the lifespan of the installed equipment. This process will require our engineering team to conduct a short “walk-through” of your facility and understand your processes. We will provide you with a list of technical questions concerning your existing processes and equipment, and will require accesss to historic utility consumption for a consecutive 12 month period.

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