Project #1

Northern Telecom, High-Tech Manufacturing, Ottawa, ON


CHR-FLUE™ System installed for multiple Boiler Exhaust to replace stack.

  • Completed Fall 2003
  • CHR System installed for multiple Boiler Exhaust (x3) to both replace common stack and reduce fuel consumption and air pollutant emissions
  • Peak heat recovery rate: 5.5 mmBTU/h, at peak Hot Water Boilers NG Input = 30.5 mmBTU/h
  • Reduction of boiler fuel (natural gas) consumption by 18%
  • Annual savings of over $110,000 (2003), which today is valued at $220,000/Year
  • Expected Simple Pay Back <4.5 years
  • Reduction of air pollutants and visible plume
  • Over 25% reduction of CO2

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