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Project #4

Kraft Canada Inc., Ottawa, ON


Food & Beverage Industry. Industrial Processes Vent Gases: Cookers/Steamers + Dryers, and Bunker C Oil Boilers Flue Gases Applications

  • Two turnkey CHR-FLUE™ Systems installed:
  • Hybrid for Minute Rice™ Process Dryers & Steamers
  • NG+ No.6 Oil Boiler Plant exhausts
  • 30 million Btu/h heat recovery rate for combined systems
  • Recovery and reuse of 80% to 90% of the heat loss from dryers and boilers
  • 25% to 30% reduction of natural gas and bunker oil consumption
  • Annual savings over $450,000/Year (1996 unit energy cost), valued today at $1,125,000/Year
  • Secured $600,000 Capital Grant from Ontario Ministry of Energy for partial funding
  • Financial payback was 3.5 years (in 1996); however, Financial payback would be < 2 years – based on today’s 2.5 x higher NG Unit Cost