Detailed Engineering Studies (DES)

As Professional Registered Engineers with direct relevant experience working with Cogeneration systems, Econolibrium is uniquely qualified to prepare the Detailed Engineering Study. This experience is a requirement of the IESO. We are one of very few engineering firms in Ontario with this background. Econolibrium was invited by the IESO to participate in developing successful Grant applications, leading to new Cogeneration installations.

The DES is the technical foundation for the energy savings project and is a very complex document. It is also the tool used to apply for, and be approved for, the various Grants available. Most DES documents do not live up to the scrutiny of Grant Review process. Econolibrium is proud to say that 100% of our DES presentations have been approved. This document lays out the Scope for the entire project. The DES must meet the technical, financial and economic analysis requirements of the IESO’s saveONenergy Program, as well as meet the overall quality and completeness requirements of the Program. The document and its related attachments are prepared as a Confidential document and are protected by a previously arranged Non-Disclosure Agreement. This agreement protects both your internal processes, information and Intellectual Property (IP) and Econolibrium’s proprietary design concepts and IP. At the DES stage of the project, Econolibrium is acting on your behalf, as your sole-sourced Engineering Consultant.

We will prepare and submit all Grant related paperwork and drawings on your behalf and are always available to defend our designs to the appointed IESO scrutiny consultants. Econolibrium is the only engineering firm in Ontario that provides this service as your professional advocate.—DES-Guidelines-and-Interpretation-Guide—Final—April-2012.pdf.aspx

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