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Project #2

American Automotive Company, Windsor, ON


Automotive Industry. Dual Multi-Pollutant CHR-FLUE™ Solutions Aluminum Chip Recycling and Aluminum Castings Application Ford Motor Company, Essex Aluminum Plant, Windsor, Ontario, 2001/02

  • Two distinct Hybrid “Multi-Pollutant” CHR-FLUE™ systems installed for two separate automotive parts manufacturing processes. Both systems were custom designed for combined APC (PM and VOC) and HR application to: 1. Recycled aluminum chip rotary dryer exhaust 2. Aluminum castings heat treat machine exhaust
  • First system replaced existing afterburner using recovered energy to heat plant make up air.
  • Both CHR-FLUE™ systems replaced existing APC technologies, consisting of NG-fired thermal oxidizers and bag house. Recovered energy is being utilized to heat both process make up water and plant make-up air heating units.
  • Annual utility energy savings of $600,000/year (in year 2001), which today is valued at $1,200,000/year
  • Financial payback was 3.5 years (in year 2001); however, would be < 2.5 Years payback based on today’s higher energy savings
  • In addition to substantial energy savings, the automotive manufacturer reduced emissions of: Carbon dioxide (CO2) by 8,000 metric tons a year; Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) by 10 metric tons a year; Unburned hydrocarbons (THC) by more than five metric tons a year.