Project #3

American Automotive Company, Windsor, ON


  • The Hybrid CHR-FLUE™ system, was installed for combined APC (PM) and HR from the exhaust gasses emitted by the iron castings operation Cupola process.
  • The new Hybrid CHR-FLUE™ was to recover 37 mmBtu/hr, and replace the existing Venturi scrubber for particulate removal – thereby reducing 1,000 HP of electrical power consumption
  • The recovered heat would be used to supply continuous glycol heating to the fresh air make-up HVAC systems of the Truck Engine Plant.
  • Financial payback was projected at 3.5 years (in 2001); however, was slightly longer at 4.5 years due to Cupola process & automotive production changes. However, based upon todays 2 x higher energy unit costs, the payback would be less than 3.0 years.
  • This CHR-FLUE™ installation was to reduce the client’s fossil fuel purchases in excess of $1 million annually. The reduced fuel consumption also eliminated the discharge of more than: 35 metric tons of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and more than 15,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) each year

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